Tom’s Current World Football 11

With the World Cup now finished and the new season just on the horizon, myself and Dan thought it would be a relevant time to talk about a current World 11. The players that have been chosen will hopefully be greeted by the public’s approval however if not comments are welcome as it is such an opinionated area that’s what makes football what is no one’s wrong . There will be justification for why players have been picked and an opportunity to see what players were close to being chosen in that specified position. So let’s get started, the formation that I have chosen to use is the 4-2-3-1 it is a formation which is well balanced and provides opportunities to cause opposition teams problems.

Goalkeeper- Manuel Neuer


Neuer has really elevated modern day goalkeeping to new heights; there is no attribute that Neuer does not have. His distribution of the ball is fantastic he is often positioned on the edge of his own area when his side have the ball to provide his team an easy option. He also has an uncanny way of reading the game it must be a huge advantage for his centre backs knowing that Neuer will more than willingly sweep up. Finally a huge strength of Neuer’s game is his sheer presence the way he fills the net looks very intimidating, in my eyes Neuer’s presence can only be matched by Peter Schmeichel.

Close runners: De Gea, Hart, Courtois. Also a special mention to Ochoa, Navas, Bravo and Howard for their World Cup heroics.

Right Back- Phillip Lahm


Lahm has had another fantastic season for club and country which was capped off by World Cup success. Shortly after his success with Germany, Lahm decided to retire from international football which came as a shock to most. Lahm is one of the most intelligent and level headed footballers around and his ability to read the game is first rate. He played predominantly for Bayern Munich last year as a centre midfielder and not once looked out of place however when it came down to the crunch stages for Germany in the World Cup they moved him back into his familiar role. The German side as a result looked so much better off knowing what Lahm can offer in terms of defensive stability and offensive threat. Lahm for all young full backs is a true role model for all what he does on and off the pitch.

Close Runners: Zabaleta, Juanfran and Carvajal

Centre Back- Vincent Kompany


Arguably the most consistent defender in the Premier League for the last few years, his leadership qualities are underrated as is his ability with the ball. Kompany is the heartbeat of the Manchester City side and there are no real flaws in his game. There have been occasions in seasons gone by that he has picked up muscle injuries but there is no doubt when he plays he bullies most strikers he comes up against. His aerial ability is nothing short than dominant and has the ability to score crucial goals for his side.  When the chips are down Kompany does not crumble but he elevates his game and thrives on the occasion.

Close Runners: Chiellini, Sergio Ramos, Miranda

Centre Back-Mats Hummels


Hummels has become one of the most sought after centre backs in world football. His calmness whilst in possession is admirable and reminds me of Rio Ferdinand. From a Manchester United fans point of view Hummels is exactly the type of player United should be getting to fill the void of Ferdinand and Vidic. Hummels has many successful years ahead of him but seems to have such a calm pair of shoulders on him considering the number of high pressure games he is consistently involved in.  Hummels throughout the World Cup was awesome and although he picked up a few knocks he proved to be the match winner in the tie against France. His goal epitomised the desire and passion he has to the cause by outmuscling fellow central defender Raphael Varane.

Close Runners: Thiago Silva, Varane, Godin

Left Back- David Alaba


In terms of world left backs there are very few which have the all-round attributes that Alaba has. The consistency of Alaba’s performances over the last few years have been nothing short than remarkable. He is an unsung hero in the Bayern Munch side and a lot of people forget that he has only just turned 22. Alaba still has a lot of time to develop his game which to some might be a scary prospect.  As well as being rock solid in defence, Alaba provides his team with an attacking outlet and often creates numerous chances for his team.

Close Runners: Coentrao, Filipe Luis, Blind

Centre Midfielder- Toni Kroos


Kroos has become one of the best all round centre midfielders in world football, his ability to dictate the tempo of games is incredible. Kroos has developed the deep lying midfielder role which sees him screen the back four which indicates how quick he can adapt his game, as it was not too long ago that Kroos was playing in the number 10 role. Another strength of his game is his ability to retain possession throughout the duration of the match, his range of passing is outstanding he always has the ability to mix it up with long, short, lofted and through passes. It will be interesting to see how he links up with the Galactico’s at Real Madrid. With his temperament and pedigree it will be a move he will surely relish.

Close Runners: Schweinsteiger, Vidal, Modric

Centre Midfielder- Yaya Toure


Yaya on his day is an unstoppable force which whom has many weapons of hurting the opposition. Toure’s ability to drive through the heart of the oppositions defence is incredible and is such a relief to his teammates knowing that he can turn defence into attack such quickly. One area that Toure has significantly improved is his set plays, Yaya scored a lot of free kicks and penalties last season which proves he is ice cool under pressure.  There are not many players in the world that could walk into any side but Yaya is most definitely one of those players. He is a proven match winner and City fans will be ecstatic to hear that he has committed his future to the club.

Close Runners: Pogba, Mascherano, Thiago

Right Midfielder: Arjen Robben

Bayern Munich's Arjen Robben sticks out his tongue during his team's Champions League round of 16 second leg soccer match against Arsenal in Munich

Robben’s form recently has been nothing short of scary, for a man who used to be quite injury prone he has worked hard on his physicality and has got himself into optimum shape. At the peak of his powers Robben seems to be getting quicker and quicker, there are very few better sights in world football then seeing Robben in full flow. His ability to torment defenders is frightening however a side of his game that all of football fans would be eager to see vanish would be his playacting antics. At this moment in time Robben is right up there with the Messi and Ronaldo’s of the game.

Close Runners: Di Maria, Sanchez and Reus

Left Midfielder: Gareth Bale


Bale’s first season in Spain was a huge success he received a lot of criticism early on in the season. But once he found his feet and fitness he went from strength to strength, to finish off his debut season with the Copa Del Rey and the Champions League is nothing short than a dream beginning for Bale. Bale very much has the ability to take matches by the scuff of the neck and with the crop of players he has around him you can only see him improving. His decisive goal in the Champions League final will be seen as the most crucial to land the long awaited ‘La Decima’ on the other hand the goal to win the Copa Del Rey against arch rivals Barcelona was out of this world.

Close Runners: Ribery, Hazard, Neymar

In Behind Striker (No10 Role): Lionel Messi


Messi is at his best when he finds places behind the opposition’s midfield that’s when he has the opportunity to run at the opposition and cause defenders to commit.  Messi has not been at his mercurial best for a while but that maybe down to the unbelievable standards that he has previously set. There are still regular moments of pure genius but on the other hand there are times where he looks purely human. An average season by Messi is one which gets you 30 goals and a place in a World Cup final that to others is only a dream.  Messi is one of the all-time greats and I think people take for granted that we have had the privilege to witness Messi and Ronaldo continuously get the best out of each other.

Close Runners: Iniesta, Gotze, James Rodriguez, Rooney, Muller

Striker: Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo’s thirst and desire to succeed still burns bright, he has had another unbelievable year and has firmly put himself in a commanding position to retain the Ballon D’or Award which has been dominated by Messi and Ronaldo for many a year. Ronaldo’s game is complete but it’s his ability to want to keep on adding small dimensions to his game which is so admiring. He has so many different weapons to punish teams, he can score with either foot, from any distance, headed goals and set plays, furthermore Ronaldo can also aid his team defensively; his presence in the air can help when defending set plays.

Close Runners: Suarez, Aguero, Benzema and Van Persie.

The Messi v Ronaldo debate will go on for many a year just like how we see now the Maradona v Pele debate still rumbles on. That’s the beauty of football it creates and divides opinion. Well that is my World 11 thank you for taking the time to view this latest blog please like, share, follow, comment and retweet and that would be much appreciated.


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